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Motivation and Habits


Motivation is an emotion. This means it is not always under your control.

You can feel happy, you can feel motivated, you can feel sad, you can feel tired.

If you’re feeling sad, you can’t just flip a switch and all the sudden feel un-sad. Similarly, if you aren’t feeling motivated, you can’t just get up and go.

So, let’s say your goal is to exercise more and eat well. You might be motivated to do that at first, but then you lose steam and willpower.

The best (BEST!!) way to get around that is HABITS — creating new ones and breaking old ones.


Exercise: I go to the gym every day at 12:00.

Food: I eat the same healthy breakfast every day. I eat the same snack every day before the gym at 11:00.

Bad Habits: I broke the habit of putting sugar & creamer in my coffee.

So, I’ve made it this far with habits. Now to build on them! Starting to think I need to eat the same lunch every day. I suffer from option paralysis — too many choices and I freeze up, can’t make a decision (esp. when tired and hungry). If I can’t make a good decision, I’ll just start eating crap until I run out of crap to eat or explode.

What habits can help you keep going through the motions even when your motivation is low? Start small and build on them!

Wise words from shortmom!

Mine is sleep. If I can establish and keep the habit of getting enough sleep, I’d have way more energy for the day, and be way less likely to skip on workouts. So that means being firm about getting to bed before 11 PM.

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shortmom replied to your post: So true. I think we share so many weir…

Not sure what this is referring to, but there are lots of assholes that are runners.

True that!

But a lot of us runners on tumblr are super supportive of eachother. And practical when it comes to what to wear. Which is great.

Sadly it doesn’t happen in many places. I remember waay back (in the 90s) I hung out on some running forums - I think on no less. It was a frikking zoo. So rude so opinionated.

It was like an argument between IIFYM vs Clean Eating, multiplied by Clemson vs. Gamecocks, multiplied by North Korea vs. South Korea, multiplied by tomayto tomahhhto. Ugly times.

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So true. I think we share so many weird/wonderful challenges and experiences that it opens up our minds. 

Plus I think it helps that there are 58390558531 different kinds of runner, let alone reasons for running.

So true. I think we share so many weird/wonderful challenges and experiences that it opens up our minds.

Plus I think it helps that there are 58390558531 different kinds of runner, let alone reasons for running.

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To Commando or Not - Survey Says …

Regarding this earlier post about wearing underwear under compression gear/running tights/yoga pants:

  1. The commonality between those of you going commando AND those of you that don’t was choosing your own comfort first. 
  2. Appearance was the next biggest factor - a couple of the responses from females mentioned avoiding VPL or bunching or “looking bad.”
  3. Male responses also mentioned appearance - specifically in being too revealing of one’s - ahem - “package.”  So both male or female choices about appearance were a lot about aesthetics (with guys mentioning modesty - and choosing to cover up more than the gals).
  4. Context was important - several mentioned working out commando, but wearing underwear in a non-workout setting.

Given that this is a running blog and everybody answering is an athlete of one flavor or another, these answers were EXACTLY what I expected.

No I didn’t know already who works out commando or not!!!

What I mean is everybody answered about their own personal choice based a lot off practicality and comfort. Nobody made any judgements about the choice - and the only people who mentioned things being too revealing were the guys talking about their own moose knuckle (iamadirtyfoot - this is apparently what the kids today call their “cameltoe ball bulge”).

It’s a personal choice that really doesn’t affect anybody else.

Thanks everybody for the replies and asks :D

Tomorrow I’ll write about my own worst ever compression shorts experience. Oh the horrors!

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Bums - A poll (for science, naturally)

OK, a big debate is going on the the RRR household about yoga pants/running tights/compression gear and the use - or not - of underwear; I’m interested what you think …

If working out in form fitting gear (compression etc.), male or female, whether shorts or leggings, should a person wear underwear underneath?

Does your answer change based on sport (e.g. no undies OK for distance running but not for gym or yoga)?

Does your answer change based on if worn for workout or just socially?

When answering are you thinking primarily about function (sweat wicking, anti-chafing, compression etc.) - or are you thinking about appearance/social mores (is it appropriate in public etc.)?

I just want to hear what you think. Let loose :)

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almondsofjoy replied to your post: Effing Canker Worm Season

OoOo, inch worms?



iamadirtyfoot replied to your post “Effing Canker Worm Season”

Canker worms? Gypsy caterpillars?

Never heard of those - but having googled those, I think not … not enough legs and your gypsy caterpillars look hairy and these aren’t.

These things climb up trees, eat all the leaves, and then dangle themselves from a thread so that they get caught/carried by anything that passes under the tree so that they get spread around.

The do a lot of damage, and it’s pretty icky picking them off yourself each time you walk/run around outside.

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Sucky McSuckfest 5 Miler - a Headgame Gone South

Literally ten steps into my run I felt my calves were tight, and as much as I concentrated on taking the pressure off them, they just ached. My 65 minute run went south right away and I started making plans to shorten the route.

About two and a half miles in, I changed my form concentrating much more on pushing from my back kick and bringing my heels up closer behind my butt… and it worked, finally got the pressure off my calves and gave me enough of an umph to make the turn away from home and make it a longer run.

But my head was in that weird place. I’d been looking down at the pavement the whole run, not enjoying the route. All I could think was calves, shins, and fucking shorts bunching up all. the. damn. time. 

So I took another turn to get home quicker.

Finally at about mile four I had a nice straight bit of road and a very slight downhill and I hit a good stride. I picked up the pace and for the last mile and a third I ran a good run.

It’s a mental game. Sometimes your head gets in your way. Tonight was one of those nights where I let it get the better of me.

Tomorrow is another day. Now excuse me while I go roll those calves into shape.

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Effing Canker Worm Season

The trees are full of the little creepy things dangling from their silky threads …

Night running through them - and not being able to see them to avoid them - is just eughhhh.

Long run tonight. That means a lot of creepies.