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In the neon vs. compression vote, I think compression/lycra got a lot of votes as the worst outfit. A few folks seemed to want me to wear neon, but the winner was both. 

You’re welcome!

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Question: which is worse?

1) middle-aged men in lycra/compression shorts?

2) middle-aged men wearing bright neon colored running gear?

I’ll be wearing whatever you say is worse on my evening run tonight :P

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Whoops - just missed my curfew. Early start tomorrow (5:00 AM weekday run alarm).
So good night friends, happy dreams.

Whoops - just missed my curfew. Early start tomorrow (5:00 AM weekday run alarm).

So good night friends, happy dreams.

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Marathon Training - Week 2 Wrap Up

It was a good week, 100% on plan, the only adjustment was to switch my long run and cross training day so that Saturday was my day off and Sunday was my long run day.

Sunday evening I did feel a slight twitch just above/outside my right knee - hence the IT Band article link in my last post. You now know exactly what I was doing tonight.  

Still I think I’m in good shape and being very vigilant to proactively deal with any weaknesses that come up through each week of training.

Looking Ahead

Today was a rest day, but I did 90 minutes of yard work (scything - which is all core, back, shoulders, and arms), and IT band PT.

  • Tuesday - 3 miles
  • Wednesday - 4 miles
  • Thursday - 3 miles
  • Friday - rest
  • Saturday - 5 miles
  • Sunday - Cross train

16 weeks to go!

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Beating the Band

At the end of this page is a link to Treating ITBS with great stretches and exercises to keep you on the road with happier IT bands :)

Happy and healthy running!

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Sunday Long Run

Seven Miles in 1:12 - I’m pleased with the pace and overall feel during the run. It took me two miles to loosen up, but after that I felt consistently strong. No splits to share; I’m running free and app-less right now and this was a new (and hilly) route so I wasn’t familiar with the mile markers along the road.

This was the first run in a long time that I took my Fuel Belt out for hydration during the run, and I was glad I did given the heavy humidity that had me sweating a lot.

Freeze it! My favorite hydration trick is to half fill water bottles and put them in the freezer the night before a run. Then just before you set out, you fill them the rest of the way. This actually does a pretty good job of keeping liquids at a decent temp during a run. 

After I got back the sky got really dark and we had a strong rain with some thunder. I thanked my lucky stars that I went out to run at 6:20 and didn’t stay in that nice warm bed another thirty minutes!

And now plenty of time all day to relax. Have a great day everybody. Happy running :)

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stuckinrunningmode replied to your post “12th Anniversary Gift”

Hey It’s my 12th tomorrow!!! Happy anniversary!
You must have got married on a friday.

Happy anniversary to you too!

Yes we eloped on a Friday! We were originally going to get married in September, but wedding plans (and families and friends) were becoming more and more frustrating.  

Mrs RRR and I had a bit of an argument about it early in the morning and she stormed out the house mad at me. But just before 9 o’clock I got a message - lets get married today! 

I grabbed a couple of friends from work as witnesses and we got together at the courthouse and got married. Had a good boozy celebratory lunch at a fancy local restaurant, and then we bought out wedding rings afterwards.

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Yard Sale Tomorrow - and our 12th Anniversary

But tomorrow is also long run day, so I spent a lot of time planning how early I needed to run to be back to help fix breakfast and setup the yard sale before 7:00 in the morning.

The answer was a bloody awful 4:40 AM! Which would be fine (what am I saying?!?) except I’ll fall asleep at our anniversary dinner tomorrow night and Mrs. RRR might take offense to that.

It took me the longest time to realize/think that I could do that long run on Sunday! Note to self: Dude, you are stupid! Be flexible!

So tomorrow will be yard sale, pool, fun, and fancy dinner ahead!

But that means today - instead of being a rest day - is a cross training day. Uh oh better go get out those weights.

Weights after liquor, never sicker. Weights after beer, never fear. Or something like that. Right?

#poor planning 

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A Mighty Girl

For those of you raising future scientists, CEOs, artists, adventurers, pilots, sailors, nerds, athletes, actors, politicians, activists, philanthropists, playwrights, journalists, super heroes (or whatever the heck they want to be) of the female variety.